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Home Water Filter Installation

Our main service that we specialize in is the installation of complete water filtration systems. If you’re looking for clean water throughout your home, and we’ve got you covered. We are experts in ensuring that you get the best system available for your needs. With our years of experience we are able to determine exactly which type of filtration system best suits your needs. Let our experts help in giving you the benefit of having sparkling clean

water throughout your entire home, and enjoy the benefits not just in your drinking water, but in every other water fixture that you use.

While drinking water is probably the most important factor and having clean water coming out of your faucets, having water that is not purified also negatively affects your dishes, your laundry, even your soap usage. Yes, having hard or contaminated water actually uses up a lot of your soap before you even get to use it to clean. It is also the reason for buildup and water stains on your dishes and mirrors. 

Did you also know, that the contaminants in your water evaporate into the air when you take a hot shower? 50% to 80% of the contaminants get caught in the steam that fills your shower and bathroom, and those contaminants are often times more harmful to inhale then they are just absorbing through your skin. Not to mention washing your face out of your bathroom faucet also exposes your skin to contaminants which can also irritate and cause skin problems.

Our team has years of experience installing an maintaining water filters. If you’ve done any research about different ways to filter your home’s water, you’ve certainly come across more than a few different options. These options provide different levels of water purity, and certainly are not created equal. Also, technology has evolved quite a bit over the years, and the latest home water filters are quite a bit more advanced than the filters from years past. 

We always recommend next generation technology water filters with their advanced filtration technology to our customers. These systems are simply more advanced than the systems that came before. As with most technology today, the older versions have their limitations. They were great for their time and certainly a huge leap above just a simple water softener, but they were big and cumbersome and have limited capability to filter contaminants compared to the newest systems. For a long time a reverse osmosis system was the ‘bees knees’ when it came to water filters. However, with new advancements that have been made the reverse osmosis water filtration systems are quickly becoming a thing of the past. These next generation systems filter out more contaminants, take up less space, and do not produce any waste water. Not only that, they cost less.

If your city water has been tested clean (we recommend a third-party test), and you are simply looking for a water softener to reduce the hard water in your home, we understand that and our expertise also extends to these systems We happily install any system that improves the quality of water in your home, and we urge all people to make the investment in themselves and their health..